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Carpet Cleaning Andover
Andover Carpet Cleaners

  Frequently asked Questions    


  • Can you get most stains out of a carpet?

Most stains can be removed from a carpet, what can't be removed is dicolouration or dyes, dicolouration(to take colour away) can be caused by things such as household bleach or amonia found in pet urine, dyes(to change the colour of) are usually things like woodstain or hair dye.


  • Do I need to empty the room of furniture?

   You can if you like but it's not necessary, we usually ask that you clear the small items to save time, we will then move what is practicle i.e sofas, chairs, tables, coffee tables etc. Items such as book cases & wall units we tend to work around as it is not best to place these back onto wet carpets.
Any items with wooden or metal feet that have been moved for cleaning will be placed back on foil backed carpet protectors, this stops the transfer of dye or rust onto the carpet.


  • Can I get my carpet spot cleaned or do I need it all done?.

  That all depends on the level of soiling to the carpet, if you carpets are in reasonable condition then it will probably be ok, but if they are quite grubby you will end up with a clean patch so it would be better to clean the whole room.


  • How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

This can vary slightly, depending on the carpets construction & how much soiling there is, but typically they should be dry the same day. It is often possible to get the drying time down to 2-3 hours with the equipment we use.


  • How often should i get my carpets cleaned & why?

I would say on average most people have them done yearly. This will keep them fresh, remove dust & pollen & stop the wearing action caused by dirt as you walk on the fibres.


  • I have a delicate oriental rug, is this safe to be cleaned?

Yes this will be fine, although there are a few tests i can carry out to put your mind at ease. I carry a range of wool safe products that are designed specially for use on wool & other natural fibres & with 20 years experience on offer you are in safe hands.


  • If I get my carpets cleaned will i need to get them cleaned more often?

No, all the chemicles we use are non-residual, which means there is nothing left in the carpet pile that will attract the dirt, if you use soapy products often used in Vax type cleaners on your carpets then you are often left with a sticky residue that becomes dirtier as you walk on the area


  • My Son suffers from asthma & eczema, i'm worried the carpet cleaning chemicals will make him worse?

That's not a problem as it's a question we ask before we start. We can offer alternative cleaning products that are ecco friendly & bio degradeable.

Carpet Cleaning Andover

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